Lockers for Rotorua iSite

The Opportunity

Rotorua iSite is one of the busiest tourist locations in the country! It has over 2 million visitors each year and is the travel hub for tourists exploring the North Island. It is also the main Intercity bus station.
With the site’s team being busy helping people buy tickets and providing directions and information to tourists, storing bags had a major impact on their time. It was also a lost revenue opportunity.

The Solution

Working with a local third party, Elocker designed a set of lockers to fit in a restricted and oddly shaped location. We also wanted to design a clean look and feel that would stand out in such a busy and visually crowded environment. 

The Result

The lockers have proved instantly popular and have become a sought after facility. iSite staff are spending less time managing visitor’s luggage and the multi-language instructions are being widely used.